7 Need to know Tips before Applying for College Grants

Tips before Applying for College Grants

You made your mind and you have chosen the college but you need funds either you know how or you don’t know how to get them to fund your education. If you look around you may find many scholarships or grants offered by your government or philanthropic organization that would help or make it easy for you to get the education you want.

(All college grants are not the same and may not serve you the best as you want them. Some grants may cover only the tuition while another may cover a part of the tuition. Still there are other scholarships and grants that may cover all your expanses i.e. travel, health, and living. You have to put your needs in front before looking into scholarships.

Adding to that you may find a grant that fits your needs and you really want and need but you mess up in the grant application process. Not only that there are several ways that you can mess up either knowingly or unknowingly.

I will help you get that scholarship that you need and make sure you don’t make those mistakes and errors that may cause you rejection from the college or the organization that funds it.

  1. Look in unusual places

Many students just like you don’t realize that the hobbies and interests – extracurricular activities that you perform well in–could also help you in paying for your college. These days the criteria has even extended to students who are gamers, great crafters, good gardeners, good trekkers, and much more.

There are many students that I know have just gotten scholarships because of their extracurricular activities. The difference between opportunities and grants is that the former are merit-based and the later are need-based. Therefore, keep hobby-based grants in mind while searching for college.

  1. Don’t keep waiting apply now

Most of the time students often are confused as when to start application process for grants during their college period. A simple answer, year before college begins you can start the processing of application. You don’t need to wait for making up your mind about which college you are going to apply

You made up your mind now start looking for grants as early as possible you don’t want to miss deadlines and narrow down your choices for you.

There is one thing never worry to much instead start working for it, you may miss some deadlines but there are many other grants out that fits your needs. Some deadlines are typically in January or February, into the Spring semester. Others may be in August or later, before the Fall semester.

  1. Don’t ignore those small scholarships

Those small scholarships that may pay 500$ or less can really help you get your supplies and other basic needs. Educations is expensive and any little help can mean a lot.

You can apply for more than one grant. Secondly, you can obviously apply for more than one scholarship from various administrator. There is no such rule that you can’t have more than one scholarship. You can fund your education with multiple small scholarships. Get all the help you need.

  1. Honesty is the best policy

Never lie in your qualification, grades and memberships, no need for exaggeration. You will be awarded funds by the administrator that best fits with your skills and interests.

It not necessary that all grant administrators will require writing an essay but if some did always be honest in it. The essay that will most probably be asked of you might be about your college goals or why you deserve the grant. Just be honest.

There is certainly no need to be dishonest in trying to prove to them that you are the perfected candidate, but by being honest you would seem someone who has the room for improvement and is willing to learn from mistakes to improve.

  1. Keep applying each year

Many student don’t know this that you can apply every year for a grant you are not restricted to one year. Most of the grants are in fact for the students who are already enrolled in one or the other program and have completed two semesters.

  1. Focus on details

While looking for grants keep in mind that you don’t miss any small detail for example, some may ask for a letter of recommendation some may ask for an essay.

Multiple typos in a three to four hundred word essay can send a nearly yours grant to someone who paid attention to details. So pay attention to details and always proof read your essay and look for typos. Make sure all the documents required are attached too.

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  1. Make your schedule

Often student forget the deadlines while they are busy processing the application for their grants. Some admins, not all specifically mentions this that they will not accept an application after the deadline. Unless you have a very genuine reason you will be disqualified for the grant.

A simple solution as sad earl is that you start your application process a year early.

While you can submit your application via email but some doesn’t accept emails. You have to mail them by post or other physical mean do keep their delivery time in mind you might have to send them a day or two before the dead line.

Usually for your grant application you would have to get advice from your school counsellor, but they may not know all the options available. Be active and keep searching news or surroundings for news about grants. Maybe your parents or other family members that are working, their organization would be funding for grants ask around don’t miss anything.

The key is do your research in advance. You will have more time for preparing convincing and wining set of documents for the grant authorities than spending time worrying about deadlines.

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